Food Innovation Center

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Seed Grants 2012

Congratulations to the twelve cross-college teams awarded 2012 Food Innovation Center Seed Grant Awards!

The funding supports team approaches that lead to competitive extramural grants and ultimately improve lives through adequate, safe, health-promoting food. A minimum of two Center faculty members from at least two Ohio State colleges comprise each team. Across the twelve awards, 42 FIC members from nine colleges and one school are addressing food challenges through transdisciplinary inquiry and innovation. Thank you to all who participated in the competition, including the 20 FIC members who reviewed proposals.

  1. Role of monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs) in mediating the anticancer effects of green tea catechins in the gastric epithelium
    Joshua Bomser (PI), EHE; Mark Failla, EHE; Jeffery Firkins, FAES

  2. Relationship of home environment to food choices, food consumption, and obesity
    Charles Emery (PI), A&S; Jack Nasar, Engineering; Diane Habash, COM; Kayloni Olson, A&S

  3. The Primary Care Obesity Network (PCON): Incorporating principles of self-regulation of intake
    Ihuoma Eneli (PI), COM; Christopher Taylor, COM; Tracy Tylka, A&S; Kaylee Sprau, NCH; Phyllis Polas, Professional Pediatrics.

  4. Microbial food safety concerns of sharing human milk via the Internet
    Sarah Keim (PI), COM; Joseph Hogan, FAES; Jesse Kwiek, COM; Sheela Geraghty, University of Cincinnati

  5. It’s a two-way street: Characterizing the interaction between oral biofilms and anthocyanins
    Purnima Kumar (PI), Dentistry; Mark Failla, EHE; Monica Giusti, FAES; Douglas Kinghorn, Pharmacy

  6. Improving local food security and promoting health in urban environments through window-based hydroponic food production systems
    Jiyoung Lee (PI), CPH; Zuzana Bohrerova, Engineering; Parwinder Grewal, FAES

  7. Anti-inflammatory activity of α-Mangostin in a mouse model of colitis
    Gregory Lesinski (PI), COM; Steven Clinton, COM; Mark Failla, EHE; Chureeporn Chichumroonchokchai, EHE; Thomas Mace, OHS

  8. Creating Healthy Habits Index for Kids (CHHIK)
    Robert Murray (PI), COM/EHE; Samantha Anzeljc, EHE; Jacqueline Goodway, EHE; Carolyn Gunther, EHE; Amy Headings, Mid-Ohio Foodbank; Amy Sternstein, COM

  9. Efficacy and public health implications of washing foodborne bacteria and viruses from utensils in restaurants and in foodservice
    Melvin Pascall (PI), FAES; Ken Lee, FAES; Jianrong Li, FAES; Shelley Francis, CPH

  10. Small molecule compounds for post-harvest control of Campylobacter in poultry
    Gireesh Rajashekara (PI), Vet Med; Melvin Pascall, FAES; Esperanza Carcache de Blanco, Pharmacy

  11. The impact of online dietary assessment to efficiency of nutrition counseling: a pilot
    Christopher Taylor (PI), COM; Diane Habash, COM; Colleen Spees, COM; Randall Wexler, COM; Jackie Buell, EHE; Gale Kaye, CPH; Sarah Rusnak, OHS; Rick Weiss, Viocare, Inc.; Caroline Whitby, Giant Eagle; Beth Stutzman, Giant Eagle

  12. Optimization and marketability of a vitamin D soy bread
    Yael Vodovotz (PI), FAES; Kenneth Riedl, FAES; Neal Hooker, Glenn School