Food Innovation Center

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Seed Grants 2010

A successful first round:

More than $260,000 was awarded in total seed grant funds to 11 interdisciplinary teams in the summer 2010 Food Innovation Center Research Award competition. The funds are sparking research by both new and existing teams across all four Center areas: Biomedical Nutrition; Food Safety; Foods for Health; and, Global Food Strategy and Policy. Teams were required to have a minimum of three Center members from at least two Ohio State colleges. Through these 11 awards, 29 Center members from eight colleges are addressing local, national, and global food challenges through transdisciplinary inquiry and innovation.

Congratulations to the 11 teams of Food Innovation Center faculty members and their collaborators selected for Food Innovation Center Research Awards for 2010-2011
(asterisk* before name indicates Center member):
  1. Pressure-Ohmic Thermal Sterilization (POTS): Demonstrating Food Safety and Quality
    *V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam (PI), FAES
    *Sudhir Sastry, FAES
    *Jiyoung Lee, Public Health
  2. Implications of Vitamin A Deficiency for Host Protection Against Enteric Pathogens
    *Prosper N. Boyaka (PI), Vet Med
    *Ouliana Ziouzenkova, EHE
    *Linda Saif, Vet Med
    *Earl Harrison, EHE
    Anastasia Vlasova, FAES
  3. Defining the Molecular Genomic Signature in the Human Prostate of Men Consuming a Novel OSU-Tomato-Soy Juice Designed for Prostate Cancer Prevention
    *Steven Clinton (PI), COM
    *Steven Schwartz, FAES
    *Robert Curley, Pharmacy
    *David Francis, FAES
    Carlo Croce, COM
    Debra Zynger, COM
  4. Bioavailability and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Mangostins
    *Mark Failla (PI), EHE
    *Steven Clinton, COM
    *Joshua Bomser, EHE
    Julie Chitchumroonchokchai, EHE
    Ken Riedl, FAES
  5. Metabolic Engineering of Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Tomato
    *David Francis (PI), FAES
    *Erich Grotewold, BMAPS
    *Steven Schwartz, FAES
  6. Localizing Food Systems: Assessing Capacity of an Urban Neighborhood for Self Reliance in Fresh Produce
    *Parwinder Grewal (PI), BMAPS
    *John Saldanha, Business
    *Matthew Kleinhenz, FAES
    Peter Ling, FAES
    Tom Blaine, FAES
  7. Plant Stress and Its Impact on Internalization of Bacteria and Viruses in Fresh Produce
    *Jiyoung Lee (PI), Public Health
    *Jianrong Li, FAES
    *Matthew Kleinhenz, FAES
    David Gardner, FAES
  8. Inactivation of Norovirus and Swine Influenza Virus by Non-Thermal Processing Technologies
    *Jianrong Li (PI), FAES
    *Ken Lee, FAES
    *Lydia Medeiros, EHE
    *Mo Saif, Vet Med
    Andrew Kauffman, Engineering
  9. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Obesity Prevention in Preschool Age Children
    *Robert Murray (PI), COM and Nationwide Children's Hospital
    *Cheryl Achterberg, EHE
    *Matthew Kleinhenz, FAES
    *Joyce McDowell, FAES
    *Robert Scharff, EHE
  10. The Effects of Soy Almond Bread on Immune Function in Prostate Cancer Patients
    *Yael Vodovotz (PI), FAES
    *Steven Clinton, COM
    *Amir Mortazavi, COM
    Gregory Lesinski, COM
  11. Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Breast Cancer Prevention: Correlative Tissue Markers of Response
    *Lisa Yee (PI), COM
    *Young Lin, Vet Med
    *Amir Mortazavi, COM
    Martha Belury, EHE
    Susan Olivo-Marston, Public Health

Colleges represented by FIC members: Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (BMAPS); Business; Education and Human Ecology (EHE); Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (FAES); Medicine (COM); Pharmacy; Public Health; and Veterinary Medicine (Vet Med). Engineering represented by a nonmember.