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Seed Grants 2011

Congratulations to the nine interdisciplinary teams awarded 2011 Food Innovation Center Seed Grant Awards. 

The funding supports team approaches that lead to competitive extramural grants and ultimately improve lives through adequate, safe, health-promoting food. A minimum of two Center faculty members from at least two Ohio State colleges comprise each team. Two of the nine teams were granted target awards , special investments in new ideas and partnerships between STEM experts and those in business, social science, arts, or humanities. Across the nine total awards, 28 Center members from ten colleges are addressing food challenges through transdisciplinary inquiry and innovation.  

1.    Phytochemical study of Sacoglottis gabonesis
*Esperanza Carcache de Blanco (PI), Pharmacy; *Yael Vodovotz, FAES; *Scott McGraw, A&S
2.      Inhibitors of Retinal (Vitamin A Aldehyde) Conversion to Retinoic Acid
*Helen Everts (PI), EHE; *Robert Curley, Pharmacy
3.      A Comprehensive Costs and Benefits Analysis of Urbanizing Food Systems (Target Award)
*Parwinder Grewal (PI), FAES; *Michael Leiblein, Business; *Robert Scharff, EHE
4.      Enhanced Stability and Targeted Delivery of Microencapsulated Anthocyanins for Improved Food Quality and Human Health
*Gonul Kaletunc (PI), FAES; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Monica Guisti, FAES; Derek Hansford, Engineering
5.      Zinc Deficiency Enhances Chronic Inflammation in Obesity
*Daren Knoell (PI), Pharmacy; Mingjie Liu, COM; *Qinghua Sun, CPH; *Martha Belury, EHE; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Robert Murray, COM
6.      (‐)‐Gossypol‐enriched Mozzarella Cheese (‐)‐GPMc with Anti‐Breast Cancer Chemopreventive Activity
*Young Lin (PI), Vet Med; *Macdonald Wick, FAES; Maurice Eastridge, FAES; W. James Harper, FAES
7.      Simple Suppers: A Novel Approach to Childhood Obesity Prevention
*Joyce McDowell (PI), FAES; *Carolyn Gunther, EHE; Patricia Gabbe, COM; *Julie Kennel, EHE; *Matt Kleinhenz, FAES; *Carla Miller, EHE; *Robert Murray, COM; Thelma Patrick, Nursing
8.      Influence of Strawberries on Air Pollution-induced Cardiovascular Disease
*Christopher Weghorst (PI), CPH; *Qinghua Sun, CPH; *Sanjay Rajagopalan, COM 

9.      3D Scaffold Platform for Identification of Polyfunctional Nutraceuticals in the Management of Obesity in Men and Women
*Ouliana Ziouzenkova (PI), EHE; *Shang-Tian Yang, Engineering; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Josh Bomser, EHE; *Kichoon Lee, FAES
Asterisk* in front of name indicates FIC member.

Target Awards: Granted to teams advancing collaboration beyond STEM disciplines. FIC reserved funding in this round for such broadly interdisciplinary projects.