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The Golden Age of Keto Genesis

The Emerging Science of Carbohydrate Restriction and Nutritional Ketosis 

On August 16-17, 2018 outstanding physician and scientific thought-leaders convened at Ohio State to highlight remarkable progress in the science of low carbohydrate nutrition. This symposium was concieved by the leadership team of Dr. Ken Ford, Dr. Ken Lee, Dr. Stephen Phinney and Dr. Jeff Volek. It was professionally run by Ms.Julie Manning and hosted by this Food Innovation Center. These must-watch videos were sponsored by Virta Health.

This comprehensive program ranged from basic molecular mechanisms of ketones as signaling molecules to practical treatments for cancer, metabolic, heart and neurological disorders. Scientists and journalists explored public policy and health guidelines that inhibit ketogenic treatments and examined the practical role of ketosis in ultra-endurance and professional sports. 

We post minimally edited videos to retain full content and intent. Click on any below or visit the Virta Health Blog. Four presentations are newly available as of 23 February 2019: Dr. Andrew Mente; Dr. Ron Krauss; Dr. Jake Kushner; and Dr. Tim Noakes keynote on The Lore of Nutrition. We thank you for your patience and acknowledge the great team effort that enables the golden age of ketosis.

1. Dr. Ken Lee, Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. Morley Stone - The Impact of Emerging Keto Science

 2. Dr. Jon Ramsey, PhD - Ketogenic Diet and Aging

3. Dr. Jeff Volek PhD RD and Dr. Stephen Phinney MD PhD - Translating Basic Science of Nutitional Ketosis

4. Dr. Dominic D'Agostino PhD - KetoNutrition: From Science to Application

4A. Keynote Dr. Tim Noakes The Story Behind the Lore of Nutrition

4B. Dr. Andrew Mente The Pure Study

4C. Dr. Jake Kushner Medical nutrition therapy for people with type 1 diabetes: fact versus fiction

5. Dr. Sarah Hallberg DO - Type-2 Diabetes Reversal

5A.  Dr. Ron Krauss Human Lipoprotein Responses and Cardiovascular Risk

6. Nina Teicholz MA - Vegetable Oils: The Untold Story and the US Dietary Guidelines

7. Dr. Colin Champ MD - Dietary Recommendations for Cancer/Warburg Metabolism

8. Dr. Eugene Fine MD -
Consequences of Ketogenic Diets in Cancer: From RECHARGE to Biomarkers

9. Dr. Angela Poff PhD - Exploiting Cancer Metabolism with Ketosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen

10. Dr. Adrienne Scheck -
Tumor Metabolism and the Ketogenic Diet

11. Parker Hyde -

12. Dr. Stephen Cunnane PhD -
Brain Glucose and Ketone Metabolism in Alzheimer's Disease

13. Dr. Eric Kossoff MD -
Ketogenic Diet and Seizure Managment

14. Gary Taubes MS -
The Quality of Calories

15. Dr. Tim Noakes MD PhD -
Sports Applications and Beyond

16. Dr. Stephen Phinney MD PhD -

17. Dr. Jeff Volek PhD RD - Physical Performance

8. Dr. Brianna Stubbs PhD - Role of Ketone Supplements

19. Dr. Dawn Kernagis PhD - Research Updates

20. Dr. Brendan Egan PhD -
Exogenous Ketones and Athletic Performance: Past, Present and Future

21. Dr. Peter Brukner MD -
Team Sports Perspective

22. Steve Tashjian MS -
Low Carb High Fat in Soccer:  A Carbohydrate Periodization Model

Thank you for your interest in food innovation and what may become the golden age of the science in support of ketogenesis.