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2011 Team Awards

Congratulations to the nine recipients of FIC Team Awards. The one-year grants of up to $2,500 support multi-college teams planning new collaborative projects in food quality, local food security and health, obesity, or industry partnership. Teams from the 2011 annual meeting breakouts as well as teams not at the meeting were encouraged to apply.

  1. Team discussing hunger at the 2011 Annual MeetingFoods, Intestinal Microbiome and Health
    Joshua Bomser (PI), EHE; Jeff Firkins, FAES; James Kinder, EHE; Purnima Kumar, Dentistry; Zhongtang Yu, FAES; Prosper Boyaka, Vet Med; Andrea Doseff, COM; Fabi Gutierrez-Orozco, EHE; Greg Lesinski, COM; Ramesh Selvaraj, FAES; Nick Basta, FAES; Steven Clinton, COM; Julie Chichumroonchokchai, EHE; Mark Failla, EHE; Monica Giusti, FAES; Earl Harrison, EHE; Gonul Kaletunc, FAES; Susan Olivo-Marston, CPH; Yael Vodovotz, FAES; Christopher Weghorst, CPH
  2. New Collaborative Project in Obesity
    Janet Buckworth (PI), EHE; Shirley Kindrick, COM; Dara Schuster, COM; Bradley Needleman, COM; Katharine Feister, OSUMC; Elizabeth Balk, EHE, Charles Emery, CAS; Kay Wolf, COM; Donna Patore, EHE; Brian Turner, EHE; Angela Blackstone, COM
  3. FIC Members discussing food challengesBuilding a Childhood Obesity Practice-based research Program (COPP)
    Ihuoma Eneli (PI), COM; Christopher Taylor, COM; Mark Michalsky, COM; Tracy Tylka, CAS; Cynthia Sieck, CPH; Julie Lumeng, U. Michigan
  4. Student Wellness Portal and Healthiest Campus Campaign
    Jaqueline Goodway (PI), EHE; Robert Murray, COM; James Onate, COM; Rick Petosa, EHE; Weidong Li, EHE; Brian Focht, EHE; Martha Belury, EHE; Carolyn Gunther, EHE; Gail Kaye, CPH; Diane Habash, COM; Laureen Smith, Nursing; Samantha Anzeljc, EHE

  5. Targeting Funding for Functional Foods Cluster
    Shannon Hollis (PI), FAES; Valente Alvarez, FAES; Erin Bender, TCO; Steven Clinton, COM; Kirsten Dangaran, FAES, Monica Giusti, FAES; Steven Schwartz, FAES; Christopher Weghorst, CPH; Advisory team: Ken Lee, FAES; Stephen Meyers, FAES; Dale Stokes, Stokes Berry Farm; Yael Vodovotz, FAES; David Francis, FAES; Erich Grotewold, CAS; Earl Harrison, EHE; Dan Wampler, Sensus, Inc.

  6. FIC members in obesity breakoutMapping the Cost of Healthy Food
    Casey Hoy (PI), FAES; Nathan Hilbert, FAES; Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Engineering; Jason Reece, Law (Kirwan Institute); Wendy Ake, Law (Kirwan Institute), Christy Rogers, Law (Kirwan Institute)
  7. Build an I-phone Interface Platform: Utilizing Video Games as a Motivational Tool to Develop and Maintain a Healthy, Physically Active Lifestyle in Children
    Weidong Li (PI), EHE; Dong Xuan, Engineering; Zhong-lin Lu, CAS; Robert Murray, COM
  8. Local Food Security and Health
    Colleen Spees (PI), COM; Steven Clinton, COM; Mary Ellen Wewers, CPH; Diane Habash, COM; Kay Wolf, COM; Community collaborators: Matt Habash, Mid-Ohio Foodbank (MOFB); Buhari Mohammed, Columbus Neighborhood Health Center (CNHC)
  9. Technology Innovations to Promote Health
    Christopher Taylor (PI), COM; Diane Habash, COM; Colleen Spees, COM; Rick Weiss, Viocare, Inc.; Randall Wexler, COM, Sarah Rusnak, COM; Robert Scharff, EHE; Ihuoma Eneli, COM and NCH; Kay Wolf, COM, Thelma Patrick, Nursing.