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Faculty Director Search Now Underway

A search for the director of the Foods For Health: Metabolomics discovery theme at Ohio State is now underway. 

The faculty director oversees growth of our Foods for Health strategy. The director continues a vibrant research program as a tenured faculty member and inspires new and existing collaborations, advocates new faculty positions and facilitates recruitment. The director is supported by an outstanding leadership team of scholars and dedicated staff, advancing a campus wide network in foods for health.

Mark Failla, Ken Lee

We recruit outstanding scholars known for their work in metabolomics and their leadership potential.

 candidate one

Candidate May 24-25

candidate two

Candidate May 29-30

candidate three

Candidate May 31-June 1

  • Please try to attend these special seminars at 9am and 10am on May 31 and June 1, respectively.
  • There will be no zoom stream to encourage attendance.
  • Here is the agenda for this visit.
  • Faculty members may see the candidate's application, CV and credentials here. Contact any member of the search committee if you are erroneously denied access.You might peruse the candidate's website or the current CV.
  • Your evaluation of this candidate is important. This link opens May 31 and closes June 5. Anyone with a valid email address and the password can complete this online evaluation for this candidate. Contact any search committee member if you forgot the password.

About this search

The search committee consists of Ken Lee (Chair), Monica Giusti, Vicki Wysocki, Willa Hsueh, Josh Blakeslee, Jeff Firkins, Julie Townsend, Kathy Lechman, Rich Bruno, and Sheryl Barringer. Your feedback on any aspect of this search is welcome. You can review the FFH discovery theme search progress map.  A meeting is scheduled of the FST Faculty on June 7 to determine next steps.