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Mark Anthony Arceño, M.A.

Graduate Student
College of Arts and Sciences

(248) 990-2450
@learnthrufood on Twitter

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Strategy and Policy
Areas of Expertise: Food, place, and identity; agri- / viticultural responses to observed environmental change; terroir and French gastronomy; ethnographic approaches to the study of food and culture

My current research looks at the confluence of food, place, and identity, paying particular attention to vintners’ responses to observed environmental change and its influence on the social-ecological system of wine production and consumption. By examining ethnographically how vintners adapt their vines, we can better assess sustainable solutions to changes in the industry (from local to global scales) within a context of ongoing anthropogenic climate change. Moreover, I am the chapter leader of Slow Food Columbus and anticipate that my experience will be helpful in understanding the complexity of making available good, clean, and fair food to all.

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