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Nicholas Basta, Ph.D.

School of Environment and Natural Resources
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

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(614) 292-6282

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Safety
Areas of Expertise: soil contaminant bioavailability and food safety, in vitro human gastrointestinal bioaccessibility, soil contaminant assessment, urban agriculture, in situ soil remediation

Our program focuses on biogeochemical processes that affect metal(loid) (i.e., Pb, Cd, As) and organic chemical toxicant bioavailability with emphasis on risk-based human and ecological receptor exposure.  We are leaders in development of innovative in vitro methods to evaluate contaminant bioavailability and inexpensive in situ soil remediation to reduce contaminant bioavailability and exposure via food chain or soil ingestion pathways.  Soil contaminant assessment and perhaps treatment is essential to protect food quality and safety.  Soil assessment is a mandatory prerequisite to urban agriculture.  Our Soil Environmental Chemistry Laboratory provides comprehensive assessment of environmental contaminants in soil, water and crops.

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