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Joshua Bomser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Human Nutrition
College of Education and Human Ecology

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(614) 247-6622

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Foods for Health
Areas of Expertise: diet and cancer prevention, bioactive food components, diet and gut inflammation, signal transduction, nutrition and chronic disease

I will contribute to research initiatives in biomedical nutrition and food for health and disease prevention. To date, the mechanisms by which dietary components influence health and disease risk have not been well characterized. Using a variety of in vitro and in vivo approaches, I will begin to elucidate the specific cellular mechanisms by which dietary food components impact these processes. Understanding these mechanisms is critical for the continued development and implementation of dietary strategies to prevent chronic disease. The Center will facilitate this research by addressing the many complex biomedical, economical, and social issues associated with diet and disease risk.

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