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Jackie Buell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine

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(614) 292-9812

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Areas of Expertise: athletes, sports, bone, energy balance

Athletes strive to improve performance with nutrition whether through the use of whole foods or through novel dietary supplements. Hydration and fueling play an integral role in erformance. Many times products developed for athletes have other applications that may improve the lives of others in intense work environments or locations with few resources. For example, I have been collaborating with a company who would like to test a hydration gel product for application in situations where a clean water supply is temporarily unavailable. This product is also claimed to have application to helping athletes remain hydrated.  As well, I am always looking for ways to better use technology to evaluate and promote better dietary behaviors in those I teach and counsel.  Continued evaluation of the VioWell system is also on my agenda and this has potentially wide applications to many communities.

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