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Esperanza Carcache de Blanco, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy

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(614) 247-7815

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Foods for Health, Biomedical Nutrition
Areas of Expertise: plant metabolites, edible plants, cancer chemoprevention, bioassays, phytochemistry

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced incidence of several forms of human cancer, but the specific factors accounting for this relationship are not clear yet and require further investigation. Current knowledge of the several naturally occurring compounds that are involved in cancer suppression or prevention, the mechanisms by which they act, which types of cancer they affect, and the magnitude of these affects, is inadequate. New integrative research approaches at the fundamental and applied levels are urgently required to address the precise roles of naturally occurring dietary compounds in human cancer prevention. As a member of the center, I will be able to collaborate with other members in the uncovering of the potential cancer chemopreventive properties of edible plant materials and plant secondary metabolites.

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