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Santosh Dhakal, M.S.

Graduate Fellow; Presidential Graduate Fellow
Comparative and Veterinary Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine

Food Research Officer at Government of Nepal

(330) 263-3618

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Safety
Areas of Expertise: High Pressure Processing, protein, nut allergens, food standardization, inspections and certifications of processed foods

Nepal, my home country, is an agro-economy based country, where scattered small and medium scale food processing industries are hardly meeting  the demand of processed foods through use of uneconomic and labor extensive preliminary operations( manual cleaning, cutting, slicing, coring and sizing) and processing technologies such as thermal heating(batch pasteurization, HTST treatment), thus resulting in high postharvest losses.  Now and then after my M S Food Science course, my research would be to focus on non-thermal processing and its effect on nutrients. Primarily, I will motivate the food industrialists and entrepreneurs in adopting the non-thermal processing of foods, thus preserving the nutrients, quality and assuring food safety in Nepal.

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