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Sylvan Frank, Ph.D.

Faculty Emeritus
College of Pharmacy

(614) 292-6343

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Biomedical Nutrition
Areas of Expertise: drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical preformulation, colloid and surface chemistry, dispersion science, small particle technology

I have extensive expertise in academic and industrial pharmaceutics, specifically in the design, development and evaluation of orally administered drug delivery systems from initial concept to formulation. Many of the same pharmaceutics principles are used in food science, such as delivery of nutrients or protective agents to crops, formulation of food products, market trials and analyses, food safety, and other areas in the complex global fabric of "food science." This Center provides an opportunity for translational and trans-disciplinary research and development, with the focus on bringing our unique capabilities in pharmaceutics to contribute to a broad global opportunity to benefit people in food-related areas of need.

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