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John Gray, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Management Sciences
Fisher College of Business

Associate Director, Center for Operational Excellence

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(614) 247-8021

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Strategy and Policy
Areas of Expertise: quality management, offshoring, outsourcing, contractual incentives for quality, ISO 9000

My unique contribution is to bring my knowledge of how a firm's organizational structure and operational practices influence a manufacturing facility's propensity to produce off-quality food. I have studied internal quality management, including ISO 9000 certification, with a focus on the challenges in maintaining quality performance over time. I have shown that both offshored and the outsourced production relate to increased quality risk in the pharmaceutical industry, with some interesting moderating effects. Further, I have studied the effectiveness of managerial approaches, such as contracts and facility audits, in mitigating the quality risk in outsourced production. I am excited about the prospect of working with experts in food safety who understand how quality risk is affected by the inherent characteristics of food products and processes. Our complementary knowledge about drivers of the same problem - food quality - can lead to breakthrough research that can impact policy and practice.

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