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Veronique Lacombe, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice
College of Pharmacy

(614) 292-1379

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Biomedical Nutrition, Obesity
Areas of Expertise: glucose metabolism, insulin resistance and obesity, diabetes, therapeutic targets for the diabetic population, cardiac complications in the diabetic patient

I will contribute to the Food innovation Center by providing my expertise in carbohydrate metabolism, as it relates to biomedical nutrition. In my laboratory, we primarily study the regulation of glucose transport in insulin-sensitive tissues (the rate limiting step in whole-body glucose utilization), using small and large animal models of insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. Therefore, my goal is to perform interdisciplinary and translational research across campus to discover novel therapeutic targets and/or preventive strategies for patients suffering from obesity or diabetes.

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