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Jiyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Environmental Health Sciences
College of Public Health

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(614) 292-5546

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Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Safety
Areas of Expertise: microbial source tracking, rapid method, metagenomics, microbial community analysis, internalization

I will contribute to the Center's goal to reduce food pathogen-related diseases by developing a rapid multiplexed method for detection of foodborne pathogens. I can help understand the quantitative risk along the farm to fork food chain by using the multiplexed rapid tool. I can also contribute to linking the environment (water), food and the human health issues such as environmentally friendly disinfection in food industry for ensuring food safety while improving wastewater quality, thereby minimizing environmental impact. I will teach Global Health & Environmental Microbiology in the fall and will plan to incorporate food safety issues with a global view into the course.

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