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Kichoon Lee, Ph.D.

Animal Sciences
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

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(614) 688-7963

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Biomedical Nutrition
Areas of Expertise: lipid metabolism, adipocyte biology, gene expression, transgenic animals, muscle development

My research interests are to identify and define genetic and metabolic networks that regulate adipose and muscle development. My research interests focus on: 1) Discovery of genes or proteins that are involved in adipose development using microarray technology, 2) Functional genomic approaches to study the functions and roles of genes using in vitro and in vivo systems, including cell cultures and transgenic or knockout animal models, and 3) Extended research of genes in a comparative aspect to evaluate target genes for new interventions for human metabolic diseases and for applications to reduce subcutaneous fat and to increase marbling in food animals. My unique experiences and expertise are complimentray and an addition to the FIC.

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