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Joan Msuya, B.S.

Graduate Student
Human Nutrition
College of Education and Human Ecology

(614) 806-6438

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Safety, Food Security

I am interested in researching on food safety more especially in the aspect of food security in the pillar of utilization. Most of the problems in developing countries are due to poor utilization(inadequate care as we'll as poor sanitation and hygiene). So as a member of FIC I will be able to master this area of food security and be able to contribute to the body of knowledge.

I will contribute to the mission of FIC since the knowledge gained and hands on skills in the area of food safety, will enable me to come up with potential solutions to many of the problems in developing countries with respect to food security and safety.

Also by the help of other members we can formulate different proposals which will not only provide us with grants but also contribute to the body of knowledge and lastly be able to improve the global life quality.

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