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Jack Nasar, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
City and Regional Planning
College of Engineering

Editor, Journal of Planning Literature

(614) 488-6965

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Foods for Health, Obesity, Food Security
Areas of Expertise: environmental psychology, environmental perception, environmental cognition, behavior change, spatial behavior and the environment

Human perceptions in general and perceptions of their environment affects human behavior in it. I bring expertise on assessing human perception, cognition, and evaluation (aesthetics) of the environments in which humans live, work and play. How we plan and evaluate places (from the scale of the home to a city) also affects food choice behavior. I bring knowledge about planning and evaluating environments for human use, and outreach planning with communities (for example, the interaction between community gardens, safety, and sense of community). All of this can contribute to solving local, national and global food challenges.

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