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Glennon Sweeney, B.A

Graduate Research Associate
Kirwan Institute; City and Regional Planning
College of Engineering

(614) 306-3556

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Strategy and Policy
Areas of Expertise: Urban Politics, Local Governance, Food Policy, Food stamps and food stamp-related policies, sustainable agriculture and related practices

I am a graduate student deeply interested in issues related to the global food system, food security, justice, and sustainable agricultural practices. I am fascinated with the idea of addressing major social issues from multiple angles and combining the best from all fields in policy solutions. My experience as an undergraduate studying local politics gives me a unique perspective on global issues. I am a graduate research assistant at the Kirwan Institute where I participate in interdisciplinary research on a daily basis. Thus, I believe that the interdisciplinary Food Innovation Center is a simply a place that I belong.

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