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Matthew Teegarden, M.S.

Graduate Fellow
Food Science and Technology
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

(513) 309-3753

Associate Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Foods for Health
Areas of Expertise: HPLC, vitamin D, isoflavones, functional foods, metabolomics, mass spectrometry

Matt Teegarden is a PhD candidate and USDA National Needs Fellow in food science at the Ohio State University. His research focus is in food chemistry, functional foods, and metabolomics,  but his interests span the wide array of disciplines that comprise food science. Matt is currently serving as the President of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association, an organization of nearly 3,000 food science students worldwide. Matt is also active in science communication.  He previously managed the award winning blog, Science Meets Food, and an executive team member of Citation Needed, a food and ag communication group at Ohio State. Matt is also a founding member of Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience, whose work has been featured in The Washington Post and Forbes, among others. 

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