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Hua Wang, Ph.D.

Food Science and Technology
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

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(614) 292-6281

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Safety
Areas of Expertise: rapid detection, biofilms, commensal bacteria, antibiotic resistance, gut microbiota

The main research interest in my laboratory is to systematically reveal key players and mechanisms involved in microbial persistence and resistance to environmental challenges for targeted controls. We conduct fundamental and applied studies at both the ecosystem and the microorganism levels, and have uncovered the potential roles of the food chain and commensal, including beneficial bacteria on horizontal gene transmission and antibiotic resistance (AR) dissemination, and successfully helped the industry achieved the goal of significant reduction of AR in fermented dairy products in just 4 years. Our recent discoveries revealed oral antibiotic administration as a key risk factor for the rapid emergence of antibiotic resistance in the global ecosystem and the need to change the route of antibiotic administration for resistance mitigation. I have been leading an international initiative since 2007 for systematic changes in AR research investigation and investment direction, as well as mitigation strategies. I serve as the team leader of the US-UK Global Innovation Initiative (GII) project on Antibiotic Resistance Mitigation in the Global Ecosystem, with a focus on the food chain and environmental impact. My other areas of research include dairy microbiology, rapid microbial detection and identification, and microbial biofilms.

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