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Qianben Wang, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
College of Medicine

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(614) 247-1609

Full Member
Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Foods for Health
Areas of Expertise: prostate cancer, nuclear receptors, transcription, high throughput sequencing

I am interested in understanding the molecular pathological mechanisms underlying the development and progression of prostate cancer. The androgen receptor (AR), a ligand-dependent transcription factor belonging to the nuclear hormone receptor (NR) superfamily, plays a critical role in the onset and progression of prostate cancer. Through an integrated analysis of AR binding and gene expression data, we have begun to understand how AR and cis-regulatory elements regulate target genes involved in prostate cancer growth. We are also investigating how nutritional factors such as vitamin D and carotenoids influence AR mediated signaling altering prostate carcinogenesis.

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