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How to Maintain Your Metabolism

It often slows with age, but you can take steps to help prevent weight gain. Featuring FIC member Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser Read more

8 Surprising Food Safety Mistakes You Might Be Making

Featuring FIC member Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk Read more

Benefits of a plant-based diet: Why experts say you should eat more fruits, veggies

Efforts to introduce people to vegetable-based eating can be found at Ohio State University’s 3-acre Garden of Hope. Read more

CDC investigates multidrug-resistant salmonella infections linked to raw chicken

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Stop Blaming MSG for Your Headaches

Video segment featuring Professor of Food Science and FIC Director Ken Lee Read more

What's Left on the Table

Dr. Brian Roe develops smart app that measures household food waste. Read more

Impact of Food Insecurity on Children

Featuring FIC member Dr. Bob Murray Read more

Clean plates much more common when we eat at home

Study finds 3 percent of food wasted when adults choose their meals, versus 40 percent from boxed lunches Read more

Matt Teegarden hosts IFT Podcast on Food Disruption

What is Food Disruption and Why is it Important? Read more

OSU Researchers: Food insecurity impacts more than previously estimated

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