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FIC Member Linda Saif First Woman To Receive International Agriculture Honor

Linda Saif, a scientist in Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), has been awarded the 2015 Wolf Prize in Agriculture for her work on viral diseases of critical importance to farm animals, food safety and human health. Read more

FIC Member Ashley Predmore Awarded the 2014 OAFP Student Award

Ashley Predmore receives the 2014 OAFP Student Award. Read more

FIC Member Ahmed Yousef Awarded the 2014 OAFP Educator of the Year Award

Dr. Ahmed Yousef was awarded the OAFP Educator of the Year Award for 2014. Read more

FIC Associate Director Michael Leiblein Named Academic Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

FIC Associate Director Michael Leiblein, associate professor of management and human resources at Fisher College of Business, will serve as the center’s academic director and be responsible for curricular development, academic research, the formation of a university-wide academic advisory board, and integration of the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program. Read more

FIC Member Brian Ahmer Receives $2.7 Million NIH Grant on Salmonella Research

A new, five-year $2.7 million NIH grant allows a team of researchers to continue promising work on Salmonella colonization resistance, and fructose-asparagine. Read more

ASN Honors FIC Members Martha Belury and Richard S. Bruno

The American Society of Nutrition recently recognized the two faculty members, both in the Department of Human Sciences, for their research excellence with 2014 Senior Investigator awards. Read more

Former FIC Co-director Mark Failla Awarded with the Fulbright Scholar Grant

Mark Failla, professor emeritus in the Department of Human Sciences and former FIC co-director, has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholar grant by the U.S. Department of Education. Read more

FIC Food Mapping Project Featured in Columbus Monthly

The Food Mapping Project, led by Michelle Kaiser, was featured in Columbus Monthly. Read more

FIC Member Carolyn Gunther Featured in the Columbus Dispatch

Carolyn Gunther discusses the importance of a healthy breakfast. Read more

USDA National Needs Fellowship Opportunity Available

A new USDA National Needs Fellowship opportunity is available in the area of Foods and Nutrition for Cancer Prevention. Read more