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FIC Member Brian Roe’s New App That Tracks Food Waste Featured in National Geographic

roeFIC member Dr. Brian RoeMcCormick Professor of Agricultural Marketing and Policy in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, and his Food Waste Collaborative team are angling to solve America’s food waste problem. They are taking cues from Instagram and developing an app to measure food waste from your food pictures.

The working name for the app is FoodImage and it is based on another photo-based app that measures food consumption, called SmartIntake. SmartIntake compares photos of an eater’s plate before and after a meal. The app then sends the images to dedicated servers, where trained researchers can download and analyze them for calorie and nutrient content. That photo-comparison process can be enhanced and put to other uses—like measuring how much food you leave on your plate and toss in the trash.

Read more about the project here in National Geographic.