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FIC Associate Director Michael Leiblein Named Academic Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fisher College of Business has announced the integration of two of its centers of excellence — the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Initiative — into a single, university-wide initiative: The Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the center is to provide world-class training in innovation and entrepreneurship through sponsored research for faculty; engagement with corporate partners; and the delivery of best-in-class, trans-disciplinary curricular and extracurricular learning experiences for undergraduate, graduate and executive-level students. The newly revised, university-wide undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship and innovation will play an integral role in the student experience. Plans for the center also include delivery of symposia, programming for corporate members, and the creation of an innovation lab for applied student-learning experiences and corporate engagement on real -world projects.

Michael Bills, executive in residence at Fisher with more than 25 years of private sector and academic experience, will lead the center as its executive director. He will be responsible for its integration and the development of strategic planning and programming, including curriculum and outreach across campus and industries.

Michael LeibleinFIC Associate Director Michael Leiblein, associate professor of management and human resources at Fisher, will serve as the center’s academic director and be responsible for curricular development, academic research, the formation of a university-wide academic advisory board, and integration of the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program.

The newly integrated Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will service multiple colleges and departments across the Ohio State campus as well as companies and corporate partners throughout the community and around the world. 

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