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FIC Co-Director Steven Schwartz Investigating Analytical Platform for Metabolomics

FIC co-director Dr. Steven Schwartz and FIC member Ken Riedl are investigating the benefits of using a new analytical platform in the emerging field of metabolomics. Experts say the platform has the potential to open doors for new discoveries in disease prevention and treatment as well as a wide range of innovative scientific projects involving foods, plants, animals and humans. 

Schwartz and his team are using the equipment to study nutrients and phytochemicals, such as those in berries, tomatoes and soy, and determine why they might act differently in different people. “For example, isoflavones in soy are often studied for cancer prevention, but results have been mixed. By analyzing blood, urine and other biological samples of people before and after they have consumed soy products, scientists can monitor for changes in metabolic profiles among intervention treatment groups and examine differences in different people,” Schwartz said.

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