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Kudos to Poster Award Winners at FIC Annual Meeting

FIC incorporated poster awards into the annual meeting poster reception on September 6, 2012. The reception showcased projects funded by FIC in 2011, and all attendees were invited to vote for the poster awards. Congratulations to the winning posters, and thanks to all teams who participated. The reception is one more way to showcare your multidisciplinary discoveries and to seed follow-on collaborations.  

  • Best presentation (oral, visual): Influence of Strawberries on Air Pollution-induced Cardiovascular Disease. Christopher Weghorst (PI), CPH; Qinghua Sun, CPH; Sanjay Rajagopalan, COM; Xiaohua Xu, COM; Min Peng, CPH; Marta Sears, CPH; Bruce Casto, CPH; Thomas Knobloch (Presenter), CPH. (2011 seed grant)

Thomas Knobloch

  •  Most transdisciplinary Phytochemical Study of Sacoglottis gabonesis. Esperanza Carcache de Blanco (PI), Pharmacy; Yael Vodovotz, FAES; Scott McGraw, A&S; Ulyana Munoz-Acuna (Presenter), Pharmacy. (2011 seed grant)

Ulyana Munoz-Acuna

  •  Most likely to impact the world in 10 years: Local Food Security and Health. Colleen Spees (PI), COM; Steven Clinton, COM; Mary Ellen Wewers, CPH; Diane Habash, COM; Kay Wolf, COM;  Community collaborators: Matt Habash, Mid-Ohio Foodbank (MOFB); Buhari Mohammed, Columbus Neighborhood Health Center (CNHC);  Amy Alwood (Presenter), COM. (2011 team award)

Amy Alwood