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Devin Peterson Discusses the Future of the Flavor Research and Education Center

What if commercially made whole-wheat bread tasted just as good as its refined-wheat counterpart? What if you could enjoy the guilty pleasure of eating a bag of potato chips with a third less sodium but all the flavor?

These are the types of questions being tackled by the Flavor Research & Education Center, newly arrived to The Ohio State University. The Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) is a partnership between academic researchers and industry leaders focused on the creation, exchange, and application of knowledge to drive innovation in the food flavor market space.

“Dietary guidelines provide a basis to promote a healthy lifestyle, but they are not well followed. People tend to select foods they enjoy, they can afford and that are convenient,” said FIC member Devin Peterson, director of the flavor center and professor in the department of food science and technology. Both the center and department are part of the university’s College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.

The center will focus on research geared toward finding commercially viable ways of making mass-produced foods healthier while still meeting the high standards for consumer acceptability.

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