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Our Food Innovation Keynote Speaker Mary Wagner, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development, Starbucks, explains how food scientists work to ensure environmentally friendly food production. 

From crops to clinic: How do an oncologist and a food scientist work together? At Ohio State, Dr. Steven Clinton and Prof. Yael Vodovotz have teamed up to learn more about how diet, foods, and nutrition can help prevent cancer.

FIC member Jeff LeJeune shares how we can stay healthy through good hygiene and food safety.

FIC member Jackie Goodway discusses the importance of exercise for children and the best ways to get them to be active.

FIC member Cheryl Achterberg shares advice on healthy eating, recommending us to eat as the French do!


Ken Lee, Food Innovation Center Director, discusses the Food Safety Modernization Act and his tips for temperatures to keep food safe.


FIC member Richard Linton talks about food safety and shares his tips for reducing food-borne illnesses.


Heritage Cooperative, United Landmark, Town & Country, Trupointe, and Jackson Jennings developed Growing the Cure, a collaborative effort to fund food research for cancer prevention by presenting a check for $103,301.82 to OSUCCC-The James at the Vice President’s Luncheon during the 50th Farm Science Review, Sept. 19, 2012

Tomato-Soy Juices for Prostate Cancer Prevention: